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The work of the company focuses on the production and marketing of cement and concrete and specialized services of transportation of materials or products through Transcem S.A.S.

Besides, it focuses on the service of ecological final disposition of industrial residues with Geocycle Ltd.; as well as the Latin American network of building materials Disensa.


Some numbers

  • 757 employees
  • 1 cement plant
  • 1.7 million tons in installed capacity for cement production
  • 9 concrete plants
  • 180 mixers
  • 1 aggregates plant
  • 365 Disensa stores



We are a relevant participant in the growth of the country making part of the most important projects in the Colombia’s infrastructure and development.


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We are highly interested in working on B2B and B2C  financial solutions, as we are convinced this is the only way for our Disensa Franchisees to grow their business. 

Also, we will be interested in last-mile delivery as we would like to make a difference in service level and the way we serve the Franchisees.


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Country Profile




Kathiuska Sotelo Duran

Disensa and Retail Manager at Holcim Colombia

She has built an upward career thanks to her preparation, leadership, determination and permanent orientation to achieve strategic results that support the objectives of the organization. Kathiuska Sotelo is a professional in Finance and International Relations graduated from the Externado de Colombia University, with a specialization in International Business Management from the Rosario University. Within her professional experience, she has participated in different impact projects for the organization and has been the manager of a profound change in the area to standardize purchasing procedures and align them with those of the region. Likewise, she has refined the supplier base in accordance with the principles of sustainable development and the Code of Conduct designed by the Holcim group to establish long-term relationships. 

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